Supplement to the Issue 13, July 2015

vl cover Supplement to the Issue 13, July 2015
Year VII, Supplement to the Issue 13, July 2015 - Issn 2035-6633

Social work around the world
Colors and shapes in a complex mosaic

Foreword. Why a mosaic on social work is a picture by itself

Campanini Annamaria
International social work

Spolander Gary, Martin Linda
Life in a time of neoliberalism: social work in England

Sicora Alessandro
Social work education and practice in Italy: emerging issues, challenges and concerns

Lazar Florian
Social work and welfare policy in Romania: history and current challenges

Pervova Irina L.
Social problems and social work in Russia

Martínez-Román María-Asunción, Mateo-Pérez Miguel-Ángel
Trabajo social en España. De los recortes sociales a la arena pública

Orwat John, Besinger Amanda
Social work in the United States of America

Valente Santana Joana, Teixeira Garcia Maria Lúcia
Brazilian social work

Vidal Molina Paula
La educación del trabajo social en Chile: hacia un siglo de historia

Molina Maria Lorena
Educación, producción de conocimiento y trabajo profesional en Costa Rica

Engelbrecht Lambert K., Strydom Marianne
Social work in South Africa: context, concepts and some critical reflections

Kolar Elisabetta
Social work around the world: a comparative perspective


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